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carmen baynham ertc.com referral agent

Hi, I'm Carmen Baynham...

Diving deep into  Marketing Copywriting & Strategy is kind of my thing.

You know, there's something genuinely exciting about helping small businesses find their voice and really shine.

Ever picked up a piece of marketing content and felt a connection? That's what I aim for every day. 

Whether it's crafting a catchy sales pitch or mapping out a full-blown marketing campaign, I love connecting businesses with their audiences. 

For me, every word is more than just text—it's a handcrafted bridge to your customers, designed to engage them and drive sales conversions. 

Now, speaking of connections, I can't ignore the huge impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on our business community.

So many talented entrepreneurs faced devastating financial challenges.

So I felt compelled to act. Which is why I've been helping small business owners harness the Employee Retention Credit.

It's just one of the many ways I believe we can bounce back, stronger than ever.

With help from the ERTC.com's team of Certified Public Accountants, over 19,000 ERTC claims have already been successfully filed. And $1.3 billion recovered for small businesses. 

Want to know the crazy thing about that?  

75% of businesses the professionals at ERTC.com have worked with didn't even know they qualified for such relief.

Until they took advantage of our Zero-Cost Upfront offer to calculate their refund and determine eligibilityGet it here.

Attention Small Business Owners:

Your Company May Be Eligible For Up To $26,000 Per Employee

The Special Report: Guide To The Employee Retention Tax Credit

Your Roadmap To Post-Pandemic Financial Relief For Small Business

Get The Facts. Then Get Your Check

How Small Businesses Can Recover Faster Post-Pandemic

This comprehensive report serves as more than just an informational resource. It's a meticulous roadmap equipped with actionable insights and strategic guidance.

Get Your Special Report Here

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